B-25 Milk Run


Sunday, May 22, 2022
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Smartt Field Airport
6390 Grafton Ferry Road
Portage Des Sioux, MO 63373


Join us in honoring six WWII Veterans from the Greater St. Louis area with a special B-25 Milk Run. The phrase “milk run” originated in World War II when US Army Air Corps aircrews used it to describe a mission with little danger. This specific aircraft served as a trainer during WWII and eventually found its home with the Missouri Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. In 1982 it was officially renamed “Show Me” and began its life as a living history aircraft.

History of the B-25
The B-25 Mitchell helped propel the U.S. to victory in WWII and was utilized in every theater of war, proving most useful in the Pacific Theater. The plane gained recognition from the legendary Doolittle Raid on mainland Japan, boosting America’s spirit four months after the Day of Infamy attack on Pearl Harbor.

There are more than 100 surviving North American B-25 Bombers scattered around the world, mainly in the United States.

Event Details
B-25 Milk Runs – 11:00 am, 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm
Entertainment by Elizabeth LaKamp and ShinSings Orchestra
Food and beverage trucks (for purchase)
Children’s Play Area – Bring the whole family!


“It was a WOW kind of day that I will never forget. We kept so busy that I never had time to get tired. Then when I did get in bed - I was still so excited that I couldn't go to sleep thinking about all that I saw. I just can't put into words how great that trip is.”

– Donald E. Albert

Vietnam War Veteran, US Army 1968-1971, 96th Mission - November 2, 2021

“In my 92 years of life, travels, and experiences, I have done a lot of things. In my humble opinion, this trip was A-1! Thank you for letting me ride along!”

– Robert L. Walkling

WWII and Korean War Veteran, US Marine Corps 1944-1952, 93rd Mission - November 2, 2019

“The Honor Flight is God's blessing because there is nothing else compared to it, nothing.”

– Marshall Phillips

WWII Veteran

“I am so glad I went because getting these feelings out I believe will help me settle the Vietnam War that has been buried in my mind for 52 years. Over the years I have asked God how to deal with this issue and I believe he has answered my prayers through your organization.”

– Kenneth W. Riese

Vietnam Veteran